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Should You Shave The Shiba Inu?

Should You Shave The Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu is one of the most adorable dogs ever. I love to see those dogs whenever I visit the local breeders. From my conversations with them, I do realize that the dog was initially bred for hunting, and they originate from Japan. The small dog is pretty agile, and they do look a little similar to the corgi to the untrained eye. While talking to the breeders, I did wonder if the Shiba Inu is ever shaved. This is then I realized that there might be many implications should you shave the Shiba Inu. Lets find out why!

Should You Shave The Shiba Inu?

Should You Shave The Shiba InuShiba Inu have a double coat. The outer coat is stiff and straight, while the undercoat is soft and thick. The Shiba Inu’s coat is meant to keep the dog protected from the elements. This includes the cold harsh weather or the unforgiving sun.

When you shave the Shiba Inu’s coat, you are simply exposing them to the elements. You will be interefering with the dog’s natural ability to regulate body temperature. The coat helps to protect the Shiba Inu from problems such as skin rash and sunburn.

If you must know, dogs do not expel heat simply by sweating, unlike humans. Dogs expel heat by panting. By panting, the dog is actually directing hair through the coat. When the dog start to heat up, there will be more blood that is push to the skin area. Hence, by panting, there wil be a good airflow over the skin, and hence heat will be directed away from the body. All of these means that the dog will be kept cool. When you decide to shave the Shiba Inu, there wouldn’t be enough air that is trapped by the coat. Hence, when the dog pants, there wouldn’t be an airflow over the coat, which of course results in your dog being unable to cool down more effectively. Also, when you shave the Shiba Inu, it does mean that the only protection is has against the sun is gone. This will result in direct heat hitting on the dog’s skin, which will result in skin rashes and sunburn.

Hence, should you shave the Shiba Inu? I say not! You should just brush the coat constantly!

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