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How Many Nipples Do Dogs Have

How Many Nipples Do Dogs Have

This question does perplex me from time to time. I started wondering about this when I was still a child, when Internet haven’t been available to the masses. To get my sources of information, I asked around my peers. Obviously, this wasn’t a good idea as they came up with nonsensical responses that doesn’t even make any sense now. Back then, of course, the answers does make sense to me. So, how many nipples do dogs have?

How Many Nipples Do Dogs Have

When I was a child, I was told that the nipples on dogs can change in quantity as the dog grows older. However. this

One of the most common answers that I got previously, is that the number of nipples that dog has is really dependent on whether the dog is pregnant or not. Legit! This was really what I got as a 8 year old when I asked adults and my peers. This is however a total myth as whether the dog is pregnant or not have absolutely no bearing at determining how many nipples do dogs have.

In fact, the breed and the gender of the dog does not have any bearing at all. The number of nipples that dog varies, and it usually hovers around 7 or 8. Also, male dogs do have nipples. Some of you may ask, why the heck do male dogs have nipples?

Why Do Male Dogs Have Nipples

How Many Nipples Do Dogs HaveThis question is the same as asking why do male humans have nipples. Essentially, male dogs do have nipples that extend in two rows from the chest area down to the area nearer to the groin. The main difference the nipples belonging to male dogs and female dogs is that the nipples that female dog have is developed to secrete. The male dog’s nipples have absolutely no function at all. The only reason why there are nipples on male dogs is that all dogs being as androgynous. During the beginning stages of body development in the utero, nipples are formed before gender is determined.