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List Of Common Dog Behavior Problems

List Of Common Dog Behavior Problems

Having own a couple of dogs an interacting with many more of them, I come to realize that there are indeed many common dog behavioral problems that are consistent across all breeds. This is to say that there is no one trait or attribute that can be said to own by a dog breed. Like in for example, when we think of aggressive dogs, we are usually inclined to thinking that only larger dogs like Pit Bulls or German Shepherds are aggressive. However, I have seen dogs like Shih Tzu being aggressive too. For the purpose of this article, I will be listing down some of the more common dog behavior problems that I have observed.

List Of Common Dog Behavior Problems

Do note that this list of common dog behavior problems are not exhaustive. This is simply a list of problems that I have observed, and not the absolute list of problems!


List Of Common Dog Behavior ProblemsThis is one of the most common behavioral problem that we see. The behavioral problem of biting is causing much problems to many owners. Imagine yourself owning a Shih Tzu, thinking that she is docile, only to find out that she loves to bite! There goes your sofa and other soft furniture. Experts have determined that this behavioral problem of biting is caused by their instincts that is deeply embedded in their DNA. Dogs, before they are domesticated, are meant to live in the wild. By living in the wild and hence in packs, they will need to learn how to survive in the wild, and hence they will need to bite and be aggressive.


This is another very common behavioral problem that we see all the time. Whenever I bring my dogs to the park, they will inevitably chase after moving objects. I recall my dog chasing after a ball that was being kicked around by a group of boys, and the boys were quite a distance away! The dog’s eyes never fails to fascinate us. The problem of the dog loving to chase around things can be again attributed to the DNA, as they frequently chase after running animals when they are in the wild.


While not exactly a malicious problem, licking is one of the most common dog behavior problems. This can be irritating to people who are adverse towards it, or people who have sensitive skin conditions. The dog’s saliva can contain many bacteria, and it can cause problems to us. Imagine the dog licking or slobbing all over you or the furniture! This common dog behavior problem can indeed create a big mess as well as ensuring that there is a heavy smell in the house itself.

Separation Anxiety

This is indeed the most common dog behavior problem that you will see amongst many dogs. If you hear your dog whining and crying whenever you leave your house, then it is a problem of your dog suffering from separation anxiety. Usually, as a result of this common dog behavior problems, your dog will rip apart most of the fluffy materials at home. I am sure this resonates deeply with you.


In the list of the common dog behavior problems, I figured this must be the one that strikes most dog owners the most. Barking is indeed a very common problem, and most dog owners struggle with that. Dogs can bark when there are strangers lurking around, which is awesome as they are behaving exactly like what they are supposed to do so. However, the problem arise when the dog barks for no reason at all. This itself is a major problem that most dog owners will want to eradicate. If you need more tips, you can check out the article How To Stop Dog From Barking that we have wrote.