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How To Stop Dog From Barking

How To Stop Dog From Barking

Seriously, it is becoming unbearable in the house. Every single time, whenever there is some noise that is heard by the dogs, they start barking non stop. It is as if these sounds are so life-threatening, that they will bark their vocal cords off. All of that is really driving me and my family crazy. I didn’t leave things just like that, as I treasure my time as well as my neighbors. Really kudos to them for putting up with my dogs’ barks. I found some tips and tricks online, and now the random barks have stopped. Let me share with you the tips on how to stop dog from barking.

How To Stop Dog From Barking

There are several things that you can do to stop the dog from barking. However, do note that not all barks are malicious. In fact, it can be a problem if your dogs do not bark to strangers lurking in your house. Let us take a look at the steps.

Remove the triggers

How To Stop Dog From BarkingHave you read the real reason why smokers are asked to eat an apple every time they feel like smoking? This is because scientist found out that some smokers smoke because there is a trigger that causes them to do so. And if they decided to crunch the apple instead, the urge to smoke totally stops. This is Charles Duhigg idea of removing the trigger. As a quick summary, if we remove or replace the trigger that can cause the reaction, we can stop the reaction totally.  In for example, if your dog is barking at night due to the sound of the clock tickling away, all you have to do is to remove the clock, and your dog will stop barking totally.

Sometimes, the dog might bark just because they know that they will be rewarded with a hug or a treat. Not that owners give it to the as rewards. Rather, humans tend to try means and ways to stop the dog from barking, and some of them may realize that by giving the dogs a hug or a treat, the dog will stop barking! Indeed it will. However, the dog will start to realize that a bark will usually equate to a hug or treat. Henceforth, they will start to bark just to get the treats or hug. Do not give the the trigger or motivation to bark.

Getting The Dog To Be Familiar With Regular Stimulus

If your dog is barking at occasions whereby they are not supposed to, and you could identify the stimulus or triggers, you can take steps to get the dogs to be accustomed to it. One such method is to train your dog to accept them as non malicious occurrences. Like for example, if your dog is barking at the mailman all the time, you can train the dog to accept the mailman as a common occurrence. You can bring the dog out just 5 minutes before the mailman arrives. When he indeed arrive, you can get the mailman to pat on your dog’s head, or you can simply strike a friendly conversation with him. The dog will be confused initially, as they are confused why the heck are you talking to a stranger. In time to come, they will accept the stranger, and hence be familiar to him. At the end of the day, your dog will stop barking even when the mailman arrives. You can use similar training tactics for other events too.

Ignore The Barking

This method of stopping your dog from barking is pretty similar when you train your kid not to cry all the time. Some kids cry just to get your attention. Likewise, some dogs do that. Just by simply ignoring their barks, they might realize that they won’t be getting your attention. The dogs will then stop barking totally. So our advise is, if the situation does not warrant a bark, then just bear with the noise and ignore the bark. Do not give in!

Exercise The Dog

One good way of stopping your dog from barking it simply to exercise them. When they are tired, they wouldn’t have the energy to bark at all.