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How Big Should A Dog Crate Be

How Big Should A Dog Crate Be

What type of dog crate should I buy, or What size dog should I buy. These are the top 2 questions that my peers have been asking me all the time. More often than not, they are pretty confused due to the myriad of selection that you have nowadays on Amazon. Also, another common question that pops up is how big should a dog crate be. In this article, I will be sharing the findings from my own research. This post may be pretty lengthy, so do stay tun!

How Big Should A Dog Crate Be?

Before we can decide what size dog crate or the correct crate size for dog, we might need to find out how exactly do we go about choosing the best dog crate. What are the some factors that we will need to consider before we settle on the appropriate crate size for dogs? Let us find out more.

What Are The Factors To Consider Before Choosing Correct Crate Size For Dog

As mentioned, there are some factors that will affect our decision in buying the correct crate for the dog. These factors will determine what is the correct crate size for dog.

Dog Size

This is obviously the most important point. You should take into context your dog’s size when you decide how big should a dog crate be. There are various reasons that this is important.

First of all, a dog crate is really meant to act as a safe haven for dogs to seek refuge in. This is especially paramount when your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. If the dog crate is too big for the dog, they will not feel secure. And if the dog crate is too small, the dog will not feel comfortable in it. Hence, it is indeed important that choose the correct crate size for dog.

As a general guide to deciding how big should a dog crate be, measure the distance from your the tip of your dog’s nose to the bottom of the dog’s tail. Once you have the number, add about 2 – 3 inches to it. This will be the approximate length of the dog crate that you should be choosing. Then, measure the distance from the floor to the top of your dog’s head when it is seated down (not lying down). Add about 2- 3 inches to it to obtain the perfect height of the dog crate itself. The dimensions will give you one of the perfect dog crate sizes that you choose.

Age Of Dog

To be honest, the age of the dog should not be a factor when you want to determine how big should a dog crate be. One of the common mistakes that some dog owners make is that they tend to purchase smaller dog crates for their puppies, and throw the crates away when the puppies out grow them. This is a mistake, as it will take you sometime to train the puppy to be accustomed to their new crate. Also, this will cause confusion to your dog too as they will find it weird that you are throwing away their safe haven. Not only that, you will be also wasting your precious money.

To avoid all this, you can simply purchase a dog crate for your puppy based on the approximate dog size when they are eventually in their adult phase. You may then ask “Didn’t you just discourage us from buying a crate that is too large for the dog”. Yes, that still stands. However, in the case of the puppy, you can always use dog crate dividers to help you segregate a small space out for the puppy. You can shift the crate divider as the dog grows older. Hence, the appropriate crate size for a puppy and dog should be exactly the same.

What Types Of Dog Crates Are There?

Generally, there are 3 main materials that is used for making dog crates. There is however 5 different types of dog crates that you can find on the market. Each of them have their own characteristics that you might want to keep a lookout for

Wire Crates

This is perhaps the most common type of crates that you can find in the market. These crates are the basic crates that you should get. They are often airy, and most of the time they are pretty sturdy too. You should find a wire crate that is easily foldable and hence portable. Most of them are able to withstand the chews coming from aggressive dog. If you do have an aggressive dog, we advise you to choose a heavy duty dog crate that is coated with a anti rust and non toxic finish. When checking out the best wire crates for your dog, you might want to take note of the metals edges. We prefer to select a wire crate with rounded edges, so that it will not damage our dog in the long run.

Plastic Crates

Plastic dog crateThe plastic crates are usually perfect during the winter season. This is because plastic crates are usually enclosed, hence air would not be able to penetrate the crate itself. As for the durability of the plastic dog crates, you have to be mindful of the type of plastic that they use. This is because not all of the plastic crates are durable. They might crumble when the dog tries to bite into them. Having said that, most plastic crates are sturdy, excluding those that requires assembly. They are usually weather resistant too. Some plastic crates are portable too.

Wooden Crates

Wooden dog cratesThis might be the most sturdy of all dog crates. The wooden crates for dogs in the market are usually very hardy and sturdy, and they can withstand the forces coming from the dog. The only potential danger points are the choice of wood as well as the existence of splinters. Usually, we will choose wood that is proven to be resistant against the weather and does not promote the formation of algae. As for the splinters, ensure that the finishing of the wood is smooth, and does not pose any danger in terms of chemical content. The downside is that there is no wooden crate that is portable.

Usually, the wooden crates is one of the best outdoor dog crate that you can purchase for your dog, This is due to the material as well as the functionality of the dog crate itself.

Nylon Or Fabric Crates

This is one of the top choice for a material if the owner is looking for a soft and portable crate. Also, if the owner is looking for an airline approved dog crate, then the Nylon or Fabric crates is the top choice for them. In fact, a quick search online reveals that the top selling models for portable dog crates or air approved dog crates are made from Nylon or Fabric!

They are usually less hardy than the usual 3 materials, but they are light and hence portable. The material that you choose should be waterproofed and heat resistant. Do note that if your dog is highly aggressive and is known to be a chewer, than this soft sided dog crate will not be useful for them. But if you are looking an extremely comfortable and portable soft dog crate for your docile dog, then this material will be your top choice.

Designer Dog Crates

Last but not lease, we have the designer dog crates. Most designer dog crates are made from wood, hence the properties are very similar to the wooden dog crates. The only difference is that the designer dog crates are intrically designed to match the decor of your household. There are many of these in the market, so do choose carefully to ensure that the designer dog crate suits your house.

Usually, these designer dog crates can act as a good substitute to regular household furniture. In for example, there are table top dog crate, table end dog crates or even the coffee table dog crates. These dog crates serve as a regular furniture, looks exactly like one, until you look below the furniture itself.

Which Is The Best Dog Crate Then?

This is honestly very subjective. To the owner who is very particular about the aesthetics about crates, they might choose the designer dog crate. If you are looking at just a functional crate, then the wire crates will be more than suitable. For owners who wishes to have a good outdoor dog crate, then the wooden dog crate might be the top choice for them. Each dog crate have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is entirely up to the owner to choose the best dog crate for their dog!