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What To Do When Your Dog Ate Plastic Bag

What To Do When Your Dog Ate Plastic Bag

I have the inspiration to write this article after my friend came running, saying “Help, my dog ate a plastic bag”. If there are some of you whom your dog has inevitably consumed a plastic bag, then this article will be good for you to read. We will tell you exactly what to do when your dog ate plastic bag,

What To Do When Your Dog Ate Plastic Bag

What To Do When Your Dog Ate Plastic BagOne of the most common causes of deaths of dogs, due to human negligence, is actually due to the dogs consuming plastic bags. These materials are not biodegradable, and it will take years for them to break down under natural conditions. Can you imagine what will happen when the dogs ate the plastic bag, or the equivalent of it? Their digestive systems certainly cannot break them down, and it will stay in their system for years, assuming that the dog does not die before that happens.

These plastic bag, after your dog eats them, will block the entire digestive tract of your dog. This will cause severe problems to your beloved pet. It will also cause suffocation as there is no avenue for air to enter the dog at all. All of these will lead to death of your dog.

So, what do do when your dog ate plastic bag? Here are some steps that you can take after your dog have ate the plastic bag.

Stay calm

This is important, as when you are not calm and in a hasty mode, you might make many wrong decisions that will have a direct impact on your dog’s odds of survival. Assess the situation first. Determine if the plastic material is completely in the dog, or it is partially outside.

Remove plastic material from dog’s head (if necessary)

Do be cautious about this. Even if the plastic material can be seen hanging outside the dog’s mouth, do not remove it at all. This is because in the process of the untrained hand, the removal of the plastic material may cause damage to the dog’s internal system. You should only remove the plastic material if it is completely outside of the dog’s system.

Is The Dog Still Breathing?

In the event that your dog ate plastic bag, most of the time it will be suffocating, and this is when immediate reaction from you will determine if the dog stays alive or not. You should feel for the dog’s pulse and check for breathing, Be prepared to administer CPR to your dog.

What Next?

After 10 minutes or so, whether your dog is breathing or not does not matter. You should quickly rush your dog to the vet for immediate attention. Actually, from the beginning after you assess the situation, the most important step to take is to bring the dog to the vet. In the event that you are able to get an assistant, you can then get the other person to administer the said steps above.

What Are The Possible Dangerous Items In The House

To avoid the situation of you being desperate about what to do when your dog ate plastic bag, you might want to determine the various pitfalls that is common at your house. The most common items that the dogs tries to ingest is the bags from common items that we regularly purchase. It includes snack bags, cereal bags or even the dog food bags. If you commonly store items in the fridge, then you might have those resealable bags too. If there is anyone one medication, the dog might even eat the bags, together with the medication in them.

As such, you can see that there are indeed many items that your dog can ingest. Do take extra precaution them in a bin that your dog will never be able to rummage.