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Can Dogs Eat Mussels?

Can Dogs Eat Mussels?

Usually, when humans think of seafood, especially Mussels or Oyster, they will skim and immediately exclaim that the food is dangerous for the dog. This is very natural, as most people associate seafood with poison and hence allergic reaction in dogs. This however have zero scientific basis. This is especially prominent in the case of mussels. So, can dogs eat mussels. we aim to debunk some common myths that mussels are bad for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Mussels

Can Dogs Eat Mussels?It is a known fact that the digestive acid in the dog’s stomach is low in PH. Hence, this is the reason why they can consume raw beef and other raw meat without having problems at all. Darwin have ensured that their stomach is able to digest all the raw items that human stomach cannot possibly ingest. Hence, the raw mussels is actually completely safe for your dog! But why should you feed mussels to your dogs? Is there any benefits at all? Lets find out!

What Is So Beneficial About Mussels?

There are many types of mussels that you can possibly find. The top 2 types of mussels that you can find is the Blue mussels as well as the Green-lipped mussels.

The Blue mussels are the most common as they can be found many parts of the world, especially along the colder regions of the world. However, not many of these are edible, and hence they are not commonly sold to people.

The other common mussel is the Green-lipped mussel that originates from New Zealand. This mussel is actually the largest mussel that you can find, and it is considered a staple in New Zealand itself. This is mainly due to the health benefits that it has. The Green-lipped mussels have a protective shell that is very smooth and glossy. It does have a green hue around the edge of the shell. The high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids helps to prevent heart diseases, and it can promote a good healthy skin in your dog. It does have the capabilities to produce pain-reducing capabilities to the dogs. All of the properties will be good if your dog constantly suffers from bone or join related problems. Also, it can be a good supplement if your dog is in older stage of its life.

What Kind Of Mussels Can The Dogs Eat?

With so many mussels in the market, what type of mussels can the dog eat?

There are indeed many variations to the type of mussels that you can find. You can have the raw mussels, the cooked mussels, the frozen mussels or even the powdered version of it!

For the case of the raw or fresh mussels (which includes the frozen ones), you can simply let your dog eat them directly. Of course, do remove the shell! If you, for some reason, is still wary of uncooked mussels, you can simply steam it and let your dog eat it.

Of course, there exists another type of mussels that you can add into your dog’s meals. There is this variant called the GLM, or Green Lipped Mussel powder. This powder is actually the same as the fresh mussel. It is just grinded to form the powder variant. It does have the same health benefits as the fresh variants too!