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Can Dogs Eat Durian?

Can Dogs Eat Durian?

For those that frequent Asia, particularly South East Asia, you may come across a fruit that is native to that region, the Durian. Durian, or more commonly known as the King Of Fruits, have a rich aroma to its taste, and it is easily identifiable with the spikes on its shell. I have once tasted this fruit, and I was horrified by the smell! But once my taste buds have the chance to taste the fruit, it does give me a very good and sensational experience.I then wondered about the question “Can Dogs Eat Durian”. I did my due diligence, and here is the result of my finding.

Can Dogs Eat Durian?

Can Dogs Eat Durian?First of all, let us find out about the origins of Durian. Actually just kidding. We did a little research, and we find that there are a few countries that grow Durian trees (yes, the spiky fruits drop from trees). Countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and even Indonesia. Thailand is the main producer of Durians for the region. There are reportedly more than 100 different variants to the Fruit.

Durians are known to be high in fat content, but they do not have any chemical compound that is dangerous to dogs. Indeed, there is no information whatsoever pertaining to dogs suffering from any allergic reaction after they consume Durian. Perhaps the only reaction is that some of the dogs might bark excessively once they smell the fruit itself!


As you can see, Durians is not poisonous to the dog, unless you consider the pungent smell. However, during my travels to Asia, I did notice that the locals feed their dogs with Durians without the dogs expressing any form of rejection. I guess the question now isn’t “can dogs eat durian” but more like where can I find Durians in America!

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