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Bump On Dog’s Eyelid

Bump On Dog’s Eyelid

Recently, or actually just a couple of hours ago, the partner texted me, saying that there is a slight red bump on the dog’s upper eyelid. I am no vet, but I decided to dig out the troves of information that I can find on the Internet. There are indeed quiet a good lot of information available pertaining to the bump on dog’s eyelid, and let me share my findings with you.

Bump On Dog’s Eyelid

Bump On Dog's EyelidActually, it is pretty common for dog’s to have the bump on dog eyelid. In medical terms, the bump on eyelid of dog can actually be just a stye. The stye is a small painful bump or lump on the eyelid. It can occur either at the inside or the outside of the eyelid. The stye consist of pus, and it is caused by a staphylococcus bacteria eye infection. This infection can occur to both humans and animals too. Having said that, the bump on eyelid of dog might not be just a stye. The pimple on dog eyelid can be a cyst or even, to a larger extent, a tumor. It is generally advisable to bring the dog to a vet if you your dog has bump on eyelid.

If you are pretty sure that it is non-malicious, then you can try some home remedy for cyst on eyelid. Here are some examples of the best home remedy for cyst on eyelid or est home remedy for pimple on dog eyelid.


Aging dogs are more susceptible to age-related problems. Like for example, the partner’s dog recently had a bone problem, and the vet instructed us to use hot and cold compresses on the dog. After 3 weeks, the dog indeed felt much better, as it was evident in the spring in his steps.

Hence, when it comes to the bump on dog eyelid, or eventually the dog stye, you can simply use hot compression on your dog. You will first need to soak a cloth in warm water, and apply it to the affected eyelid. Be careful not to burst the stye or pimple on the eyelid of the dog. Apply careful pressure for about 5 to 7 minutes, and repeat this on the bump on dog eyelid for 3 times a day.

As per all bumps, putting warm towels on it helps to dissipate the pus or the susbstance that is present in the bump itself. For the case of the pimple on the dog eyelid, the hot compression helps to reduce the swelling and eventually make the bump on dog eyelid go away.

Do Not Burst The Bump, Stye Or Pimple

This is actually one of the worst mistakes that some owners does. In trying out the home remedy for cyst on eyelid, they attempt to burst the pimple or the bump on eyelid of dog. This is very dangerous, as the substance in the bump or pimple on dog eyelid might be harmful, and it can cause much irritation to the dog’s eye if the substance goes in. This is in the event if the bump is actually a chalazion.

In the even that the bump is not a dog stye and is in fact a tumor, then there is nothing for you to burst at all. In this case, by trying to burst the bump or growth on the dog’s eyelid, you may eventually be hurting or causing damage to the dog instead.

Do remember, for all home remedies for cyst on dog eyelid, we will never recommend you to burst the dog lump on eyelid.

Leaving It Alone

This might actually be the best solution of all. By simply leaving it alone, it does not mean that you ignore the dog lump on eyelid totally. Rather, you should monitor the situation before attempting the dog stye treatment. If it is indeed a non-malicious case of a simple pimple or dog stye, you will not need any home remedy for cyst on eyelid. The problem will eventually go away by itself.

In the event that it is indeed a meibomian gland tumor, none of the above home remedy for cyst on eyelid will help your dog. The tumor will slowly grow in size, and the only way to remove it is by surgery by the vet,

What If All Of The Above Does Not Work?

If all of the above home remedy for cyst on eyelid does not work, you should bring the dog to the Vet immediately. Do not hesistate as every little second does count.