How Fast is FAST?

When I’m chasing the ball or cows, humans stare in wonder at my skill. (Of course! There’s nothing better than everyone watching me) They always speak the same words ”she’s really fast isn’t she”.

am fast. I’m super fast. I fly like a bullet at whatever is moving and when dogs try to chase me in the park, I let them get near me, then I turn on my turbo boost and off I go. They’ll NEVER catch me. *wag wag wag* I’m a super fast, hunting, herding machine.

My brother Alfie is super fast too. Definitely faster than me, I’m sure of it, but I think I’m close behind. He is the Fastest Entlebucher in the UK after all. *wag wag wag* (source: Entlebucher Fun Day Agility course 2012). Eiger, my other brother is super fast too. We all are.  This got my human thinking. How fast is a Bella ? And how fast is a Bella in comparison to other breeds and other Entlebuchers?

Because she’s a bit of a weird human, the thoughts didn’t stop there and before I knew it I was being fitted with a special device. She said it was going to show her lots of interesting things about our walks. She wanted to put me near some cows, because she knows that’s when I’m at my fastest, but it’s not allowed *doggy sigh*

Listening to the instructions

Listening to the instructions

The device was turned on and I was told ‘go play’. I had a little run with Eiger, followed by a game of fetch. After that it was off into the woods. My human was expecting the fetch to be the fastest part of the walk, but I had other ideas. *Wag wag wag*

There’s something that I love doing almost more than any other thing. My brother wrote all about it here. I just LOVE to hunt. If I see something moving or I can smell something delicious, then I run. I RUN, RUN, RUN. The wind in my fur, my ears flapping at my face and my little feet pounding through the brambles and stinging nettles. This was when I got my fastest speed. *wag wag wag*

My human said the map was really interesting.  You can see where I played fetch at the bottom in the field and you can see where I might have had two hunting runs in the woods before I listened to my recall came back.

Bella's walk

Bella’s walk

The humans took the device off my collar before we had finished the walk. I might have lay down in a big deep muddy puddle *wag wag wag* At the end of the walk there was lots of interesting information and my human was SUPER impressed with my top speed that day.

Eiger had already done a run with the device on his collar, so we knew his top speed and I was only 0.7 mph slower than him. I plan to beat this next time *wag wag wag* I’m also going to put one on my brother Alfie, because I REALLY want to see what his top speed is. I want to be impressed and be proud of my super fast brothers. I’ll want to tell EVERY PAW about how fast my brothers are.

And then I want to BEAT them *wag wag wag*

So, here it is – my top speed.

27.84 miles per hour.

I know, I’m pawesome. *wag wag wag*

Bella's Stats

Eiger’s top speed is 28.6 mph. He’s pawsome too.

Now my human wants to measure all of our friends to see how fast they are. *wag wag wag*

She also thought it was interesting to see how fast other dog breeds were and was impressed with where Eiger’s score stood in comparison. She said her real mission was for us to beat the Border Collies who come in at 30 mph *wag wag wag*


Different Breeds Speed



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9 thoughts on “How Fast is FAST?

  1. I wonder where a GBGV fits in with speed as I am lightening fast when I see a furry critter ;)

  2. Me and Nellie wouldn’t be very fast. Maremmas are not known for their running abilities. Anyway the only time we move fast is when We hear that magic word “dinner” and then We move with lightening speed from in front of the fire to our feeding place. Love Nellie and Jasper.

    • Fast for dinner is still fast – the human says she thinks it would be funny to see that the fastest time is dinner time *wag wag wag*

  3. Nice one Bella!
    Were you in Brentwood? That’s not far from me :-)

  4. Really ! Are you saying you want to see how fast you are Misaki? Reckon you’ll be able to beat the huskies? *wag wag wag*

  5. I think both of us are faster in the winter though *wag wag wag*

  6. Where have you gone Bella? It’s been nearly a whole year since we heard from you.

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