Brotherly Love

Last week my sister stayed with us and it was pawsome. We did loads of great things and she came out with me and my friends on the dog walk every day, meeting other dogs and sniffing around together in the park. Sister’s are totally cool.

You know what else is cool?? Brother’s.

You all know my big brother Alfie, he’s the coolest of the cool. He’s the fastest Entlebucher in the UK and also the waggiest. He’s a gentleman too. I used to think that Alfie was unique for being such a gent, but it turns out, being a gentleman runs in our family. *wag wag wag*

When Bonnie was over, our litter brother Eiger called me. He said his humans were taking him to the VETS (lots of treats, lots of treats) to get a jab for his passport. His plan was to be really sad and then ask if he could come and play with me and Bonnie and check out the lake.

It worked and before you knew it, a giant Eiger was in the park. I say giant, because Eiger has DEFINITELY grown. He’s looking really big and strong.

She's stealing my stick again!!

She’s stealing my stick again!!


We tried to get Bonnie to swim with us, but she was happy to stand on the edge and wait for our sticks to come closer to her.


Bonnie waits for the stick to come back

Bonnie waits for the sticks to come back


It was great fun, messing around and stealing each other’s sticks.


Then it all went serious.


A bird came and landed right in our play path. Bonnie went beserk. Eiger was excited - he gave me the look and we both headed out to get the job done quickly.

The Moorhen

The Moorhen (top left)


On the way, we realised there was another, very serious problem.

The humans. They’d thrown TWO sticks.

How were we going to get TWO sticks AND the Moorhen? An Entlebucher doesn’t do jobs by halves you know. It’s all or nothing with us, usually ALL. Eiger and I weren’t that easily defeated.

The Gentleman Bit. 

Eiger shouted to me, I’ll get the next one – you have this one sis! And with that, he collected his stick AND mine and made his way back to land to watch the show.




Told you being a gentleman runs in our family. *proud sister*



*I would like to stress unfortunately no Moorhens were harmed during the making of this show*




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7 thoughts on “Brotherly Love

  1. gentlemanliness is a great trait to have in a family! What fun you are all having!

  2. How fun to play with others just like you! I am so rare that I have only seen another of my kind once in 6 years but I still have fun with all my other friends. Mom is laughing because in Germany there was a big computer game Moorhuhn (German spelling). Is that in the UK too?

  3. I never saw a Moorhen – maybe because I’m not a friend of water?

  4. It looks like you had lots of fun. I’m still smiling at the photo of Eiger with two sticks!

  5. hehehehe! I wish I had a brother *sigh*

  6. snoopys@snoopysdogblog

    Hey Bella,

    Your brother certainly is a gentleman and a hero, not only did he just come from the scary vet to play with you but he took care of both of the sticks! I’m super impressed!

    Have a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  7. Nothing works better than teamwork!!

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