Glamping with Nibbles


You know one of the worst things that a dog has to watch?

It’s when their human packs their bag. It’s rubbish. Especially because us pups know that when that happens, they’ll definitely be away for more than one day. This happened to me on Saturday morning. My human was rushing around and I didn’t like it at all. I used my puppy dog eyes and sat in the doorway looking sad, trying to let her know that I wanted to come too.

Please take me

Please take me

I think it worked! (Puppy dog eyes usually work!) As soon as she had finished packing her bag, she started on my stuff. I helped by bringing all my toys one by one. *Wag wag wag*

Let's Go!

Let’s Go!

We jumped in the car, picked up some friends and set off on our adventure. It was called Glamping. When we got there, I was SO happy. It was PAWSOME. It was a field and a tent and a shed made of sticks, with chickens and goats and ducks.

Come closer *wag wag wag*

Come closer *wag wag wag*

There were hares and rabbits and foxes, deer and pheasants and grouse too! My nose was on overdrive all weekend! Norfolk smells SO good! My human was happy too. I think she likes the fields as much as I do!

Our Tent

Our Tent

Most of the time I was allowed off my lead and my human said I was ‘’real good Bella’’. When I was tied up I didn’t bark too much and when I wasn’t, I didn’t run off to the animals. But it was because I had a few jobs to do. I had to constantly clear the area of rabbits and hares, and I had to fetch sticks for the fire.

Wood sticks

Sticks for the fire

To be honest, I was easily occupied.

On watch

On watch

It was the best weekend ever. After a day of playing in the field we went home and cooked dinner on a wood burning stove that was in our tent and my human had a candle lit dinner.

Dinner Time

Dinner Time

After that, we all went outside and watched the sunset together by the fire.



Everyone went to bed then, except me and my human. We sat outside with only the stars and moon for company. It was pawsome. I wish we could live like this all the time.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

The Mischief
Nibbles is a little toy rabbit that belongs to a class of 7 year olds and he gets to take it in turns to go home with each child. They help him write his diary with photos of what he’s been doing when he stayed with them. This weekend, one of our friend’s mancub got picked to look after Nibbles.

My human helped take lots of pictures of the mancub and Nibbles. We got our breakfast from the hens. We were allowed to go to the chickens and see if they had laid any eggs and if they had, the humans gobbled them up.
I really wanted to check out the chicken shed but oh no, Nibbles went. I had to think this through. Why was the rabbit getting all the fun?

While I was thinking about what to do, my human took another picture of Nibbles.
It looked like this.

Nibbles outside the tent

Nibbles outside the tent

She decided it wasn’t good enough and went to take a close up. I saw my moment. I went into stalking mode and her next picture looked like this …

My turn for fun *wag wag shakey shakey*

My turn for fun *wag wag shakey shakey*

OOPS. *wag wag wag*


Britains Next Top Dog Model

My little friend Tucker, from the puppies that were live on the webcam, has entered the Britains Next Top Dog Model competition.

He’s doing well, at the moment it looks like he’s a close second in his area.

It’s running through facebook votes at the moment, so all you have to do is click the link below and like the picture.Tucker!/photo.php?fbid=401636856611202&set=a.401636246611263.1073741836.302649179843304&type=1&theater


Please help Tucker win! *wag wag wag*

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6 thoughts on “Glamping with Nibbles

  1. Oh what an adventure…. and this wonderful food, you must be a lucky girl, Bella. How is Nibbles looking now? Nibbled off? I will vote for Tucker, good luck to him…

  2. What a fabulous trip you had!
    I’ll check out the contest now

  3. Roo looks like you had a real pawsome adventure Bella! Good thing you told that wabbit who’s in charge too *waggy tail*

  4. She is so darn cute! We have a fury Bella also. But, Bella here, you are just too cute for words. So glad I popped over and saw you. Paulette

  5. Looks like so much fun! What a beautiful place you guys went to :-)

  6. That’s some adventure…loads of fun you had :-)

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