Discover Dogs at Crufts 2013


An important place

An important place


The Journey

On Friday, my human was home early from work. She was also very excited.

“I’ve got a surprise for you Bella”, she said.

I sat down, with my good girl face and waited to see what it was.

“We’re going somewhere special this weekend Bella. It’s called Crufts. It’s the most amazing place, with the coolest doggies in the country and they’re all competing to see who’s the best in lots of different competitions. They’ve got millions of dogs and toys and treats and food and smells. We’re going to have SO much fun. But we’re staying in a hotel tonight Bella, so you have to be really good.’’

That sounded like fun to me and my human smelled really excited.

Then I was put in the bath. I’m getting better with baths and I love it afterwards, when my skin feels tingly and I get to roll around in crazy puppy mode. I usually get a towel fight too. *Wag wag wag*

My human packed all my things, including my bed and was laughing saying that she had packed more for me than she had herself.  We got in the car and started our drive. I was asleep all the way … but I woke up at Alfie’s house! It’s my favourite hotel, so I was happy to stay here tonight.

The humans had some dinner and while we were having a play while Alfie said he had some important things to tell me. I listened carefully. He said his job was to wear me out for tonight and that I had to look after his human, remember that morning kisses are super important and he was going to stay and guard the house and look after his other human, while I went to show off. He said I was good at showing off, so that bit shouldn’t be a problem.

Soon enough, just as Alfie had said, I was packed into the car again, this time we had one of Alfie’s human’s with us. I slept for a long time and we arrived at the hotel late at night. After a quick walk, I got to see my room.

Hotel Bed's are Pawsome!

Hotel Bed’s are Pawsome!

The humans were tired and it wasn’t long before we were all tucked up ready to go to sleep.  I chewed my rawhide on Alfie’s humans bed, before jumping over to the other bed, with my human to sleep.


The Morning.

There were 6 other doggies in our hotel. I could smell them all (and they’d all had baths!). I could hear lots of noises really early in the morning. I was having a listen, and I remembered what Alfie said. Morning Kisses.

I jumped over to Alfie’s human and planted a few right on her cheek. Then moved over to my human for the same. My human jumped out of bed and got dressed REALLY quickly saying she was going to take Bella to the toilet.

We walked outside and it was raining. A lot. It was 6:30am, and we were going to walk to the National Exhibition Center (NEC) from the hotel as it was 40 minutes and just perfect to calm me for the day.

We went back into the room and my human said she was going to take me for a walk now. We had to drive to the NEC, otherwise we’d all arrive soaked, so she would take me now so I had time to dry off and Alfie’s human could have more sleep.


The Mischief

She looked up a nearby Geocache (which is always helpful for finding places to walk when you don’t know the area). We quickly got to a field, I got let off the lead and I saw something …

A rabbit.

I ran like the wind. I was off. I chased it all over. I only wanted to smell it, but I couldn’t get close enough, so I HAD to chase. My human said she called me back but I was so far away I couldn’t hear her. After a long while, I came to her and we went back to the hotel.

Something wasn’t right. My paws. They were stinging. Really, really stinging. As we entered the room, I jumped over the bed, to give Alfie’s human some muddy morning kisses. (I thought Alfie would like that one) but my feet were sore.

I tried to get away from them and I couldn’t.

I was panting and scratching. My feet felt funny on the floor so I tried to pick my paws up but it was ALL of my paws so that didn’t work, I just ended up doing a sore paw dance. I rolled all over and growled. I bit and chewed my paws. I tried to bury myself under ANYTHING I could find. I was really stressed out. I just wanted my paws to go away. I got the hotel bed REALLY muddy while I was running around.

Panting on the muddy bed

Panting on the muddy bed

My human tried to catch my collar, to look at my paws and calm me down. She got me, but my feet were burning and I couldn’t stay still. I knocked some spare furniture over. It hit my human on the head and she let go.

I ran to Alfie’s human for protection. She grabbed my collar too, but my feet were burning and I couldn’t stay still. She whacked her elbow on the corner of the bedside cabinet, I think that hurt so she let go too.

Eventually, they both caught me. Alfie’s human said I’d probably stung my feet on stinging nettles as Alfie reacts exactly the same way when he’s done that before. I was taken into the shower and my human washed all my paws with cold water. It felt good.

I was still really stressed. My human used some Johnson’s vet Tea Tree Skin Calm on my feet (once she could get hold of them) and some Helios Homoeopathy SOeSsence Flower Formula on some biscuits, which would calm me down for a moment. Even in pain, I’ll always eat a few biscuits.

It all worked. I was still a bit sore but it quickly soothed and I felt a lot calmer about it all.

Glad it was here

Glad it was here


Discover Dog’s at Crufts.

When we arrived, there were doggies EVERYWHERE. Some dogs were wearing funny outfits of plastic to keep them dry. We followed the doggy smell and when I walked into the building,  I couldn’t believe my nose. Dogs, dogs, dogs and MORE dogs. I could smell fear and excitement and fun and seriousness. I could smell toys and food and lots and lots of dogs!

Some were just laying down with no humans around in long lines of shelves. Some were in cages. Some were with their humans, running around on some pretend grass in a big line together. Some had HUGE crowds of people, sitting up high in the sky watching them. Cheering and clapping. It was doggy heaven. Every dog looked pawsome. I’ve never smelt so many dogs in one place.

We walked through 3 HUGE halls, all filled with dogs doing different things. We got to the Entlebucher stand and I got to go in the pen. I was happy because I just needed a moment to understand what was going on! I’d forgotten all about my feet, this was so COOL.

A smiling Bella at the Entlebucher Mountain Dog stand

A smiling Bella at the Entlebucher Mountain Dog stand

The Entlebucher stand attracted lots of people, soon I was playing with children, getting lots of treats and showing off some tricks. My human was practising my down stays for ages while she was talking. I was really good and did most of them properly, even with all the distractions. I heard my human talking with Annie’s human about a ‘holiday romance’ that recently happened. It sounded gross.

I got to see my brother Eiger for a little while and we decided to show all the humans how playful our breed is. Our play was a bit too boisterous, so we split up for a little bit and worked separately, before we knocked over the stand *wag wag wag* Eiger went out front first, then I did and it attracted lots of people over.

Then our brother Bailey turned up. Wow, Bailey’s got really tall and strong looking! I didn’t believe it was him when I sniffed hello. He looks just like me, but a boy version. Our marking’s are very similar but he’s much much taller, just like our dad.  It was really cool to hang out with them for a little while. After that we were so busy. I got tired and lay down every time the humans stopped to do something. Tired and hungry, we all dragged ourselves back to the car for the journey home. My human said she was really proud of me. I had been on my best behaviour ALL day and she was really impressed that a puppy like me took it all in my stride.



The Best News EVER.

Do you remember that my friend Swift was competing at Crufts with her handler, my dog trainer Jo? They competed in the

Well, how do you think they did?


We couldn’t believe it when the news got through to us, way over on the other side in a different hall. We were so happy and proud for them. We know how much hard work it is for a dog to be here, but to WIN … that’s just pawsome.

Well done SWIFT & JO.

We told you that you were the BEST. *wag wag wag*

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6 thoughts on “Discover Dogs at Crufts 2013

  1. WOW Bella your bed looks good ;o) . I’ll bet the Hotel-guys like your “Entlebucher-Pawprint-Design” ;o) Congratulation to Swift!!!

  2. Your poor footsies. Wow that is some bed there. LOL! We hope you are better now Bella and that the sting has gone. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a great adventure! Congrats to your friend Swift!

  4. Wow Bella, you have grown lots since I saw you. I know all about stingy paws, I trod on something down the allotment and that made mine sting terrible, mummy had to put me in the bath too.
    Congratulations to your friend Swift. One of my friends was there too, got BoB & Best in group but didn’t manage to win the final.
    I couldn’t go to Crufts as I had to stay home & look after my new sister (she bites a lot).

  5. Oh Bella your poor paws, hope they feel better now. Sounds like you had a blast at Crufts!

  6. When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the very same comment. Is there any way it is possible to eliminate me from that service? Thanks!

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