I heard a herd.

It's been SO exciting!

It’s been SO exciting!


As usual, there’s been SO much happening that I don’t know where to start – it’s been a long time since I last did a blog post.

We’re going to Obedience training classes 2 nights a week now and I get to do Agility with my brother Alfie on another night, so sometimes its 3 nights a week.  There’s so much to practise between classes that my human has had to start writing notes.  She says that I know what to do all the time but she gets it wrong. Sometimes in the class people laugh at her because she’s so clumsy. All the other dogs think I’ve got the worst handler. She keeps my treat bag on her hip and she’s ALWAYS spilling them and jumping around making all of us excited. Sometimes I just walk off because I’m embarrassed. I like to pretend I’m with another dog and handler.

I passed my Level 3 Obedience test, with full marks of course. There was a lot that we had to do and sometimes I really don’t want to do it, it’s much more fun to mess around in the class and make the other dogs mess around too but I try really hard not to mess around on test day because all the humans have their serious faces on. And my human brings chicken *wag wag wag*


I’ve moved onto the Advanced Obedience class now. It’s in a much smaller room. I think they did that on purpose so that all of us dogs are on top of each other. We don’t mind. It’s MUCH easier to cross a small room to distract another dog and you get to show off your dodging skills more too.


My human and her friends play a treasure hunt game called Geocaching. People all over the world hide boxes, then publish their locations on a website and you can use your phone to find them. There are lots of little games to play as well as trying to find as many treasures as you can. You get to find out history of the area and you’re always taken to interesting places by the people that hide the treasures.

Finding a normal geocache

Finding a normal geocache

There are lots of different treasures to find. Some are film canisters, some are so small they’re as big as a dog claw, and some are very cleverly hidden.

An unusual cache, disguised as a rock

An unusual cache, disguised as a rock

Sometimes, there are events and some of these events are especially for dogs. Otherwise known as a ‘geo-wagg’. My human couldn’t wait until I was big enough to go with her as she’s always having adventures.

One of these geocaching adventures happened the other day.

We're ready, let's go!

We’re ready, let’s go!

My furiend Jack and I had arranged to take the humans out for Geocaching walkies. My human had prepared a trail of just over 30 treasures to find in the Kent countryside. It was all on public footpaths and she had looked to see that it was ok for dogs. Usually, there are warnings saying that a trail isn’t dog friendly. There were no warnings, so it was deemed safe. It was public right of way, so my human had me off the lead, running around and sniffing for treasures.

We were walking down a path, with a big posh house on one side and a line of trees on the other, when my nose picked up a really interesting scent. As we came down the path, I realised that there was a hole under the fence, just big enough for a Bella, so I just popped under to have a look.

I couldn’t believe my nose! There were 2 sheep and a big ram in the posh garden. I thought that they probably shouldn’t be there, so I was just about to give chase when my human noticed I was on the other side of the fence.

‘’BELLA, COME’’ she shouted, her worried face coming.

So, like a good girl, I popped back under the fence and came straight to my human.

‘’Well Done Bella’’ she said. ‘’Have a treat’’ she said. ‘’You’re such a good girl for coming back. I can see that the training is FINALLY paying off’’

I went back on lead and we carried on with our walk.

A few minutes later, clear of the sheep and in an agricultural field, my human let me off the lead again. She says that there’s a really easy way to tell if there will be farm animals in a field. She says that if there’s a big gate, and it’s open, there’s a good chance there’s nothing in there.

The only flaw with that plan, is if the reason the gate is open, is because there are farm animals on the move.


Now, my friends, I can tell you that there is NOTHING more fun for a teenage cattle herder, than a whole field of cattle that need herding.

Before my human had even noticed what was around the corner, my nose had picked up the cows and I was charging down to the part of the field where they were moooving.  I shouted over to Jack to stay with the humans, because this was only for herders, just like laps are only for Jacks. Jack took one look at the cows and just stood still, staring. So did the rest of the humans.

My human, however, was shouting … BELLLA, BELLA COME … and running away from the cows. It was too late. The cows had seen me and so had the farmers. For a second, everything was real still. The only sound I could hear was my blood rushing to my feet and that voice in my head, the one telling me … CHASE.

I stared at one of the cow’s right in the eyes and she stared at me. Then we both ran. Towards each other.

‘Oh no’ my human said, with a few other *non child friendly words*

And then she shouted to her friends. RUUUUUUN. GET OUT OF THE WAY. NOOOOW!!!

You see, they were all standing in the corner of the field and the cows were coming our way. A whole herd of them! Our friends didn’t have to be asked twice and started running towards my human, followed by a herd of cows and a Bella and then two farmers.

Again, my human shouted …  ‘’Bella, COME’’. This time I heard her.

My training kicked in and I stopped herding instantly. I ran over to my human as fast as I could with my ‘did you see that’ face. I ran over, stuck my bottom on the floor in front of her, just as I’m supposed to and then ran off again. To see the cows.

‘’NO Bella. COME. ‘’

This time I came back before I’d bothered the cows again. My human put my lead on and then passed me to a worried friend, while she went to apologise to the farmers and the cows for ‘’Bella’s bad behaviour’’.

Luckily, the farmers were very friendly and not upset at all. I think they could see how scared and sorry my human was. They had a nice chat and he said it was ok. The cows were being taken across public land to the dairy shed and they should have put signs up.

My human said she was glad that they were so friendly and understanding and that no one got hurt. She also said that it was progress that I came when she called me, that at least she can ‘’get through’’ when I’m in chase mode, which she says she couldn’t before.

*don’t know what she means*

As we walked off, through their field, once the cows had gone … we heard a familiar command. ‘’Leave it’’. We turned to see the farmer’s Border Collie running as fast as he could towards us, ready to say hello. ‘’Leave it’’, the farmer shouted. ‘COME BACK’’ the farmer shouted. The Collie didn’t listen at all and the farmer had to cross the field again to come and get his dog. My human said she thought this might have been why they were so understanding and it made her feel much better about her dog running off.

Discover Dogs at Crufts 2013. 

This weekend is a BIG weekend for lots of doggies in the UK. It’s Crufts weekend, the national dog show, where the best of the best hang out and try and beat each other at lots of competitions.

Some dogs work all their life just to get to this show and my human says that if I listen and win some competitions, then maybe one day, I’ll be able to go too.

She says I’m too young at the moment, but we’ve got our first official competition at the beginning of June which I’m practising for a lot.

There is a part of Crufts called Discover Dogs, where people can come and meet all the different breeds and find out about them.

I’ll be there on Saturday, between 9am & 12:00pm. If you happen to be there, do come and say hello.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish a HUGE MASSIVE GOOD LUCK, to my friend Swift and her handler Jo, my dog trainer. They’ve qualified for Obedience at Crufts this year so … GOOD LUCK. I’ve got all my paws crossed for you. *wag wag wag* We think they’re PAWSOME.

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5 thoughts on “I heard a herd.

  1. How great! Congratulation Bella! and wow! you are a “geodog” like Gizmo – I like this modern art of treasure hunting and I hope we will have such an adventure soon ;o)

  2. Yea we were going to say you need to hook up with Gizmo. Pop over to my share it sunday archive and you will see him on the second post not last sunday but the one before. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hey Bella, you sure are looking all grown up and beautiful in your photos.
    I definitely would’ve wanted to meet the cows in your paws:-)
    Can’t wait to hear all your news from Crufts!

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